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At Senapsis we are passionate about creating the best connected sensors and helping you to make use of the data to gain insight and efficiencies in your production operations. 

We first start with the sensor, to make it accurate, responsive and predictable.  Then we add logging to collect the sensor data followed by flexible communications to access the data, starting with basic USB download of files and going to a full-blow NB-IOT and big data ingestion and analytics platform.

What our Customers & Partners Say

Great Value

"For the money you pay you will not find a flow meter that can compare and I want to go further to state you will find it difficult to find a better meter at any price."
South Africa
Proven in the Field

"I have tested the RPF-400 meter against the GE Sensing AT868, DF868, PT878 and the PT868, on lots of different products Water, Lube Oil, Caustic Cleaning Solutions (CIP), the measured comparisons are excellent "
Flow Expert
United Kingdom
Unrivalled Performance

"We have field-trialled meters from almost all of the major manufacturers in the world and eventually decided on the Senapsis range. Every test yielded superior results from the Senapsis meters."
Value Added Reseller
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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