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Portable - PF-400

Beautifully Ergonomic & Robust – Rubber Grips, shoulder strap, and still beautiful design Engineered to take the punishment of daily use in the field.  The PF-400 is 205mm x 116mm x 24mm.  There are 3 sensors available to measure from 13mm to several metre diameter pipes.

The PF-400 has LED Backlit display, IP65, USB Port and two year warranty as standard.

Optional thickness gauge & dual temperature sensors for differential temperature measurement Energy flow

No of Input Channels
1 (2 Sensors)
Pipe Diameters
15mm to 5,000+ mm
Input Options
Flow, Thickness Gauge, Temperature Sensors
± 1-2% of Reading
Flow Velocity Range
Up to 25M/Sec
Low Power Mode
16 W/Hr. 3.7v 4.2Ah
Input Supply
5V USB, charge & measure
RS232, 4-20mA, USB, Relay (Pulse/Freq)
Temperature Rating
-40 to +120 °C (Sensors)
-10 to +50 °C (Housing)
1 per 10 Min – 120 Days
1 per 30 Sec – 11 Days
1 per Sec – 1 Days
IP Ratings
IP67 Housing, IP68 Sensors

What our Customers & Partners Say

Great Value

"For the money you pay you will not find a flow meter that can compare and I want to go further to state you will find it difficult to find a better meter at any price."
South Africa
Proven in the Field

"I have tested the RPF-400 meter against the GE Sensing AT868, DF868, PT878 and the PT868, on lots of different products Water, Lube Oil, Caustic Cleaning Solutions (CIP), the measured comparisons are excellent "
Flow Expert
United Kingdom
Unrivalled Performance

"We have field-trialled meters from almost all of the major manufacturers in the world and eventually decided on the Senapsis range. Every test yielded superior results from the Senapsis meters."
Value Added Reseller
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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